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Top Five Bizarre Things That You Must Do In Goa


You might have visited Goa a number of times, but this is definitely not a place that you would cross off from your list. If you think that Goa is just about beaches, late night parties, booze, para sailing, churches and old forts, then you must try out these five bizarre things.

Go Paragliding

If you think that this is just another option for para sailing that you might come across Baga and other beaches, then you are absolutely wrong. Here I’m talking about some cool stuff like paragliding that is available on some couple of beaches like Anjuna beach. A glider chair is fixed to a parachute like mechanism and then you will have to stand at a cliff’s edge and start sailing in the sky. If you know how to do it, you can do it all alone; otherwise you can always opt for a ride with a professional.

Floating Tent

You might have tried houseboats, but have you ever tried a floating tent. Yes. One bedroom floating tents available in Mayem Lake near Bicholim at Champions Yacht club are just amazing. Once you check into one of these tents, you can go for a bumper boat ride and you can also step into their floating restaurants. So, with these remarkable accommodation options, you don’t even have to step on the shore for even a second.

Dolphin Drive

You might have spotted dolphins a number of times on Animal Planet, but have you ever sighted real dolphins in Goa. Well, if you do not wish to miss on this prospect, then opt for a dolphin cruise. Nothing can be much better than capturing a pod of dolphins pepping out of the water around the boat in a camera.

Crocodile Watching

One of the most exciting things to do in Goa is crocodile watching and there are plenty of tour operators in the coastal areas that can plan a trip starting at Cortalim Jetty. Cumbharjua canals is one of the best places to spot crocodiles and unlike zoo, here you can spot them in their natural habitat. This area is believed to be one of the most amazing wetlands in Goa and here people can also spot a number of birds. So, just keep your cameras ready.

Explore Nature

Last, but not the least is to follow the nature trail and discover the amazing wildlife. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary near Molem, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Dudhsagar waterfalls are some of the best places on the list that you can visit. You can also plan a visit to a spice plantation farm, where you can come across some fresh spices and herbs like pepper, cinnamon, areca nut, peri peri; bathe through an elephant shower and feast on scrumptious Goan food prepared in fresh spices.

Two things that you should never miss when you visit Goa is good food and awesome shopping spots. Restaurants like Mum’s kitchen, Martin’s corner and St. Anthony’s Beach Shack are some of the good options where you must try rawa mussel fry, king crabs, prawn vindaloo, garlic chicken and St. Anthony’s flavored hookah.

For shopping freaks like me, Ingo’s night market is a nice place to spend some time shopping on a Saturday night. This market is on for almost six months and potpourri of junk jewelry, hippie merchandise and global cuisine here is quite famous. If you are tired of shopping, you can always drop in at Daniel’s bar and enjoy the music played by the DJ.


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