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Sydney Harbour: Choosing the Best Party Style Boat


A party boat is an opportunity that every man should enjoy before they commit themselves to the confines of marriage in Sydney. Fun, friends, booze and plenty of scantily clad women. They are all just part of the experience for sending your friend off in style. Today, more guys are beginning to explore the benefits that a boat can have over other venues. A celebration that will be full of debauchery and memories. There is nothing more exciting than driving past Sydney Opera House on your left and then going under Sydney harbor Bridge. These are two of the most iconic features of this city in the world.

Space for Everyone

When your guest list hits the double digits, it can be hard to find an affordable place with enough space to accommodate everyone. Larger cruises can be too expensive, and the fees can cut into your budget for booze and entertainment. For this reason, you will love the affordability of a boat, which has plenty of room for 50 or more people along with reasonable rates, whether your party lasts for several hours or the entire day.

BYO Food and Alcohol Options

Planning for food and drinks is another element of your party that should be customized to the occasion. Consider your foods and beverages. Enjoy knowing that a party boat allows you to bring-your-own refreshments. This means that your guests will not be forced to eat reheated cruise food and overly priced drinks. Instead, you can pour your favorite liquor as freely as you wish on a party boat. Great knowing that everyone can indulge without being worried about a bar tab. You can get picked up or dropped off at Sydney Harbor Casino Wharf. This means that you can go straight from the boat to Star City Casino and continue your party with a game of poker or two.

Party Boat Entertainment

With a party boat chosen and your menu planned, you can get ready for the real reason why everyone is coming to your party. If topless waitresses are the main show at your event you can ensure that everyone can let loose on a boat. Whatever happens is just part of the fun. Unlike public venues where your friends’ crazy antics might be viewed by the public. Boats offer complete privacy where your guests can indulge their wildest fantasies.

As you plan your party, make sure it will hit epic proportions by choosing the right place to host your event. With a boat, you have full control over your refreshments and entertainment. This means that you can customize it to fit your preferences. Then, all you have to do is show up and get ready to have some serious fun. On a party boat, you choose to ensure that your friend’s last night of freedom is full of excitement.


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