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Leaving Yuppie Land


I spent most of my life living in the city and doing everything that goes with it, such as; going to the theatre, seeing the latest movies and endless dining in restaurants and the perceived need to keep up to date with fashionable clothing. Therefore, moving to a cottage on a farm in the middles of the South African Swartland was a complete metamorphosis.

Friends and relations were worried as none of them thought that I could adjust to country life and I was forever being asked about what I was going to do to occupy myself!

Well, from that first view of mountains, rolling hills and wheat fields, I knew this was the most wonderful experience that could have happened, but in my wildest dreams, I would never have believed that I would become a part of it, like shedding a new skin and donning another.

Waking in the morning to fresh air and the magnificent scenery, with the birds chirping, cattle mooing and sheep baaing is an unimaginable experience. Not hearing the usual urban noises of screeching cars and the high-pitched droning of people talking at the top of their voices and their barking dogs can only be described in one word “Wonderful.”

I adjusted to this casual style of life immediately, with the change in the daily schedule giving me a new lease of life. I do things that I never thought about before such as baking different types of bread, making yummy chocolate cupcakes or different assortments of biscuits, breads, chutney, lemon curd, and jams. The latter in particular, vary according to what is in season in our garden area. It can be peach or fig jam, apricot, or else marmalade.

I have always enjoyed general cooking so this was not new to me, but baking etc certainly is, and I love it! With so much to do here time seems to be on a perpetual rush and before we look round it is evening.

A bonus is that all these new activities have to fit in between gardening, housekeeping, and writing. My partner and I write web content assignments for agencies worldwide and this keeps us pretty much constantly on the go.

There are no cinemas or theatres where we live and our social outings usually consist of having a snack in the nearest town when we go in to do grocery shopping, which is about once a week to ten days or so.

Life has certainly changed for us, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our country people are friendly; they pop in for the odd cup of tea without us having to invite them first, and most important of all, they are genuine people. They are real, natural people, as people really should be and so; do I miss the fancy airs or graces of “Yuppy Land”; not on your life!


Source by Gloria Herman

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