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How to Find a Qualified Abortion Doctor in Dubai


Pregnancy is one of the fantastic experiences for a woman. At the same time, having an unwanted pregnancy is a nightmare and scary thing, no one would like to experience in their life. There could be so many reasons that may lead to having an unwanted pregnancy. Lack of safe sex, failed safety features, getting pregnant despite having protection or having contraceptive pills, and forceful sexual penetration or rape are the reason for a lady to get pregnant.

In yet another case it could be due to an incest relationship. Let whatever be the reason, if a pregnant woman wants to drop her pregnancy and if she has failed to achieve it by consuming abortion pills, then the next option is to look for a qualified abortion doctor, who can perform the abortion without any risk.

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. The first 13 weeks fall under 1st trimester and the second trimester is from 14 weeks to 27 weeks and 3rd trimester is from 28 weeks to 39 weeks. Some doctors will be doing abortion up to 12 weeks pregnancy, and some are ready to do abortion up to 26 weeks.

In different countries, the abortion laws are not standard. People living in Dubai will find that abortion in Dubai is illegal. So checking for Dubai abortion clinics will not yield any result, but pregnant ladies can find online services offered by overseas hospitals.

How to find an experienced doctor who does safe abortion?

1. Take referrals: You will find this part difficult. But you can try with friends to know the best hospital and doctor who is an expert in doing the medical termination of pregnancy.

2. Validate the claims: Validate the claim of clinics who mention the service of a particular doctor with many years of experience and qualifications.

3. Talk to the doctor: Before you select the doctor to perform the abortion, you many speak to him for a while. Ask as many questions and find out how comfortable he is in answering your questions.

4. Check the clinic: It is imperative to know where your doctor is working and the facilities available in the clinic. Because you will be admitted to the hospital and you need to have a good idea about their service and nursing staff.

5. Check the qualifications: Find out the qualification of the doctor who will be performing the abortion. Make sure that he is registered with the Medical Board and is a certified gynecologist.

To have confidence in your doctor is imperative. For that, you need to know the doctor well and establish a good rapport. Knowing each other will play a significant role and it will boost the confidence of the patient.

The doctor must be confident in performing the abortion and the patient also should have confidence in the doctor. An experienced doctor can guide and advise what kind of termination is better for you and accordingly she will start prescribing abortion pills or other pregnancy termination procedures.

For Dubai and UAE residents, online abortion services and information is available on the web portal, or alternatively, patients can contact the hospital atTel: +91 900 849 2277


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