Bangkok Recreational Tour – A Thrilling experience to Cherish for Long


Bangkok is the capital and the largest city of Thailand. Located in the heart of the country, this lively city is stepping-off point for most of Thailand visitors. High-rising building, heavy traffic, bustling markets and naughty nightlife, the city looks vibrant and exotic in the very first glance. But the rich cultural and natural heritage, magnificent temples and palaces, and a range of recreational activities make Bangkok a complete holiday destination that can delight everyone from grandpa to grandchild. When it comes to a recreational tour to Bangkok, one can find handful of things to do and see, which provide a unique sense full of thrill and joy. Here are some of much preferred tourists attractions a Bangkok recreational tour has to offer you.

Bangkok Dream World

Thrilling atmosphere at this giant amusement park would surely leave you and your kids enchanted with. Exciting shows, thrilling rides and alluring landscapes in Bangkok Dream World give the visitors an unforgettable holiday experience. This wonderful theme park is undeniable among the top family-friendly tourist attractions in Bangkok.

Chatuchang Market

Is it bargain-hunting that gives you epinephrine rush? Don’t miss to visit Chatuchang Market. Over 35 acres of land, around 15,000 stalls and thousands of visitors, this capacious market is more than anyone’s expectations. Mother of all Thai markets, Chatuchang Market is perhaps one of the largest markets in the world. This massive market has almost everything a shopper can imagine. And the biggest reward is that high qualities of goods are available at reasonable price. Nevertheless, you must be an expert bargainer.

Sampron Elephant Ground & Zoo

Located 30km west to Bangkok, Sampron Elephant Ground is one of the most enticing tourist destinations in/around Bangkok. You would get to see some mesmeric animal shows including the Elephant Theme Show and the Crocodile Wrestling Show in huge animal reserve. It would really be great to see the giant elephants dancing, racing, playing football and carefully obeying his master. Crocodile wrestling is also quite exciting to watch. Moreover, you can enjoy elephant riding and breathtaking views of tropical gardens and under water falls.

Madame Tussauds Wax Musuem Bangkok

Brush your shoulders or get licked with your favorite celebrity, or give an air kiss to your favorite Hollywood star, Madame Tussauds Museum is really a wonderful tourist place in Bangkok. Located in the heart of Siam Shopping district, the museum contains over 70 life-size wax figures of world celebrity. Really, your experience in this museum will unforgettable.

Apart from that, you can visit to the Bangkok Safari World, Siam Dream World and Muay Thai to add more delights to your recreational tour to Bangkok. Also, a Bangkok package lets the travelers have a great shopping experience and a notorious nightlife. However, don’t get in Bangkok nightlife you’re with family, especially the kids and elders. Hotels in Bangkok offer world-class stay amidst modern amenities and alluring hospitality. Searching through web, you can find some reputed travel portals offering a wide range of tour packages Thailand. You can choose your most suited tour package for Thailand considering your requirements and budget.


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