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6 Best Alternative Beaches of Grenada


As one of the top Caribbean islands for tourist travel, Grenada certainly has a lot to offer. Not only does it have the lush green ‘nature’ that you find on islands such as Dominic, but it has the white sand and black sand beaches too. There are 45 beaches in total, but here we list 6 top alternative Grenada beaches that you should head to on your Caribbean vacation.

David Beach (Pronounced ‘Darvi’ Beach)
Located just a couple of miles out of the town of Sauteurs, this small beach is a hidden gem that could be particularly appealing to couples seeking a romantic spot to spend a peaceful time away from the crowds. The beach is particularly quiet and makes an ideal spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle. Perfect for a romantic picnic.

Sauteurs Bay
Running along the north coast of the island, Sauteurs Bay overlooks Carriacou and the Grenadines. This sandy beach stretches from the sleepy town of Sauteurs along to Petite Anse Hotel. Parts of the beach are very natural and the shape of the beach changes regularly with the natural ebb and flow of the tide. It is possible to arrange with a local fisherman to travel over to Sandy Island for great snorkeling and sunbathing.

Boucherie Beach
Even though Boucherie Beach is not located directly onto the Caribbean Sea, the area is still fairly sheltered and a refreshing swim can be enjoyed. A river flows through the middle of the sand into the sea and it is popular with local people from Sauteurs.

Duquesne Bay
This flat beach has tall coconut trees overlooking it, giving it that true tropical beach look that every holiday maker wants to come across when they visit the Caribbean. Buy a drink from the friendly ‘rum shop’ style bar, kick your shoes off and let your feet touch the sand whilst you contemplate whether to stay for another beer whilst looking out at the blue Caribbean Sea. One of the prettiest Grenada beaches.

Black Bay
There are just a handful of black sand Grenada beaches, which is a result of the volcanic activity that the island has known. This secluded beach is located not far from the 3 waterfalls located at Concord. Be sure to look to the hill and find the cave that is believed to have been a storage place for Carib Indians to store their food, Ameri-Indian artefacts have been discovered in this area.

Dragon Bay
Snorkeling is something that is definitely worth doing on this small beach that is close to the town of Molinier Point. The bay is close to the first underwater Sculpture Park in the world. Look out for angelfish, grunts and there is a small pretty wreck to be explored in the bay.


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