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5 Things to Know While Seeking a Job in UAE


Dubai’s universal way of life, tax-free living and its position as a hub in the Middle East makes it an appealing destination for expats from all over the world. Despite it being uncertain times for the GCC economy, they still offer a lot of job opportunities for expats. So, in case you’re an expat considering relocating to Dubai, read on to know some important things to consider while looking for a job in UAE, especially Dubai.

1. The Best and Ideal Opportunity to Searching for a Job is between July and August

Dubai is a center point for attracting talent. As the competition for talent continues to intensify, employee turnover is higher than in other parts of the world. This is good news for job seekers as the whole year is viewed as useful for those searching for a job in Dubai.

However, there are a few months when recruitments slow down. During the month of Ramadan, for example, working hours are shorter and Muslims embrace the profound month with fasting, praying and charity activity.

Recruiting slacks throughout the winter holidays, as many senior heads and executives travel back home in December and January.

2. Mobile Job Applications and Online Employment Portals are the quickest route to Employment

Today, innovation and technology assume a major role inrecruiting. Job searchers are connecting with organizations through job applications and online employment websites. organizations are also utilizing social media platforms- which contain a lot of information on dynamic and inactive employment searchers – to discover the potential employees.

3. Diversity is the thing that Organization Search for in Applicants

As Dubai draws in employment searchers from all across the world, the market has become diverse and competitive, with a high turnover rate. Due to the unparalleled professional experience that the country offers, there are more than 200 nationalities as of now working in the region.

Cultural difference is something that job searchers should be open to. The Emirati culture and its remarkable legacy is something that Emiratis are extremely proud of and the local government is hoping to preserve. Diversity is the thing that organizations search for in individuals and connect that to intercultural skills.

4. Arabic Proficiency is a Huge Plus

Job candidates should identify their strengths and weaknesses – being a cooperative, supportive and adaptable team player are highly rated characteristics for this market. A must is having good spoken English, with Arabic proficiency being a huge plus.

5. The Typical Cost for basic items in Dubai is High

Taking vehicle loans, contracts and other financial credits from banks and financial institutions is a norm in Dubai. For those with families, education cost must be factored in. There are a few school options to choose from – a British educational program, American, Indian and others – but fees are not cheap! Yearly school expenses can run from 20,000 AED to 80,000 AED, contingent upon the notoriety of the school.

The Takeaway

In short, the decision to apply for work overseas can be daunting. If you’ve made up your mind to go on with the decision of relocating, these tips will definitely help to navigate an unfamiliar job market.


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